Our heart lies in film production

We strive to astonish both our customers and ourselves in every project

About Us

We do film and audio production to customers within Performing Arts, Museums and the Film and TV industry. We produce content with high artistic value, alongside with outstanding technical quality and innovative solutions.

We are a small company with a wide network of cooperative partners to collaborate with in bigger projects. We are very passionate about our work and always try to push a little bit further with every project.

Video Design

Video Design has in recent years become a natural part of many set designs. We work for Opera houses, Theatres and Concert halls.

We have had the privilege to collaborate with many very talented directors and set designers all over Europe.

Film Production

We manage the whole production chain from scriptwriting, production planning to filming and editing, including music and sound production. 

We also happily take part as collaborators within projects. Even though we are a small company we love to create big looking productions.

Post Production

A major part of our work lies within post production. We work with compositing, visual effects, animation and colour grading to enhance the work we are involved in.


Nils has a sensitive eye and a true artistic understanding of what is needed in every project. Using powerful hardware and software he uses the color grading process to create striking imagery. 



Nils Fridén
Post production specialist and Cinematographer
Emil Gotthard
Director, Producer and Editor
Hobi Jarne
Script writer, video designer & production manager
Emma Sahlgren
Project manager

Our Studio

Our office is a 200 sq.m. photo studio, beautifully located by the water on Reimersholme, Södermalm in Stockholm. We have a couple of desks for rental to freelancers, a film/photo studio and three editing stations.

One with reference projector for film preview and colour grading. We also share a sound studio nearby for speaker and music recording.