Memory Wound


Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg won the competition to create memorial sites for the victims of the terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011 in the Norwegian capital Oslo and on Utøya island. The decision was made by a jury comprising representatives of the relatives, the Norwegian government and experts.
Following pressure from 22 residents close to Utøya, led by a local Progress Party politician, in 2017 the government decided to terminate the contract with Dahlberg.

Jonas Dahlberg then made a video for the exhibition Public Luxury at ArkDes (Sweden’s national center for architecture and design) the same year. Memory Wound is a documentation of work on a public space that never happened.

Nils Fridén did editing and animations for this documentary. Some of the animations were based on large data-sets describing the many thousand publications over time.


October 3, 2022